About us

SIMONAS PETRULISDear our international and local partners,

Revealing unlimited opportunities of the dynamic investment environment both in our seaport city and the very center of Lithuanian multimodal roads heart, as well in smaller, historicaly strongly industrialized regions – we invite you to discover our green country!

A stable political and NATO protected environment, support of the European Union, favourable tax incentives encouraged FDI economy, rapidly adaptable to industrial investment infrastructure by municipalities, FEZ management companies already rewarded by FDI world-wide brands and local society famous for its exceptional attitude to result oriented work, values and culture – is what you find the very moment, you are landing at one of our airports.

Let’s meet and discuss tete-a-tete, which way might we assist expanding your global business in one of our regions.

At your constant service,

Simonas Petrulis

President of the Association of Free Economic Zones of Lithuania



capital VILNIUS population 2 900 000 working age 1 600 000 1 st REAL LABOURPRODUCTIVITYGROWTH IN THE EU Eurostat, 2012
Universities 22 college 25 VOCATIONAL 89 3 rd WORLD’S MOST wanted INVESTMENT IN PRODUCTION Cushman & Wakefield, 2014
FDI 2008-2015 90.41 bln GDP groth for 2017 3.4 % Inflation ratefor 2017 0.5 % 4 th WORLD’s ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook
schengen area Since 2007 nato Since 2004
6.7 bln € European funds for 2014-2020
TAX BENEFITS 0% tax on the profits of an investor during the first 6 years (the tax benefits activates after investing over 1 mln EUR)Tax over the next 10 years is 7.5%VAT standart 5-21%Unlimited currency exchange 8 th in starting business in the World NO REAL ESTATE TAX NO TAX ON DIVIDENDS FOR FOREIGN SHAREHOLDERS