Šiauliai FEZ: Two Serious Investors

Šiauliai FEZ was established four years ago and has been operating actively for just two years but already has two serious investors. Medicinos Linija UAB, a manufacturer of odontological materials, has leased a 1.5 ha area for production purposes. Works have been started in 2018 and it is estimated that the company‘s investments will exceed EUR 2 million next year. The company specialises in the materials for dental treatment and prosthodontics. The demand for its products abroad has been increasing as they are relatively cheaper but the quality is very high. At present, Medicinos Linija UAB exports 94% of its products, with the export geography covering over 80 countries. In recent years the company’s tu
over increased 1.5 times.

Reklamos Diktatorius UAB is a serious investor of Lithuanian capital. The estimated investment amount is over LTL 3 million. The company intends to specialise in the production of metal bending, cutting and welding automatic equipment and to create over 30 new jobs.

As Šiauliai has a well-developed engineering industry, the aim of the FEZ is to attract more investments in this sector. A convenient strategic location connecting inte
ational transport corridors and Šiauliai inte
ational airport provides good conditions for the achievement of this aim. Higher educational establishments, colleges bad vocational schools of Šiauliai train specialists in technical, engineering and electronic fields, whose qualifications are valuable for both Lithuanian and foreign investors.

Šiauliai FEZ is provided with the requisite energy supply systems, streets and lighting systems. Water supply and sewerage networks are in place. As many as 132 ha have been allotted for potential investors.

The attitude of Šiauliai municipality is highly favourable for investors. Preferences are granted, activities of transport companies are promoted, and jobs are created in production and commerce.

One of the main tasks is to complete works by 2019 when the main investors plan to start their operations. These works include the construction of a gas supply network, building of a connecting road Šiauliai FEZ – A9, and laying of optical fibre cables for existing and future customers. Works planned in 2019 include site management works including green areas, pavements and bus stops. It is also very important to help our first investors to settle in the FEZ, obtain building permitting documents, and start construction works.

At present negotiations with a number of companies are underway. It is expected that they will be successful and we will be able to announce this as early as this summer.

Šiauliai has always been famous as an industrial town. Some producers have been operating successfully for many years such as Baltic Vairas bicycle factory, Gube
ija brewery and Rūta sweets factory. Engineering sector (metal, plastic and wood processing) and electronics businesses account for the majority of industrial enterprises in Šiauliai. The existing competences and capabilities is a very valuable asset that can be used by companies planning new investments. Furthermore, Šiauliai has numerous transport companies, and logistics is an area in which local business can offer services of the highest quality.

Until now the city has had very limited foreign direct investments, and the FEZ should encourage investors to discover Šiauliai. There are good prospects for growth. The city‘s authorities and municipal enterprises are focussed on quick decisions, which makes the assimilation of investments quicker and more effective.

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