About us

Please meet Mr. Rokas Krivonis, new president of Lithuanian Association of Free Economic Zones! Rokas Krivonis

Mr. R. Krivonis formulates three essential goals:

  • to maintain a high-quality dialogue with our long-term partners and solve Free economic zones regulation questions.
  • actively participate in creating of positive investment environment in Lithuania,
  • participate in the development of legislation.

Good luck and strength to achieve your goals!

capital VILNIUS population 2 800 000 working age 1 400 000 4 st REAL LABOURPRODUCTIVITYGROWTH IN THE EU
Universities 18 college 28 VOCATIONAL 89 2 nd WORLD’S MOST wanted INVESTMENT IN PRODUCTION
FDI 2016-2019 419,18 BLN GDP groth for 2019 3.2 % Inflation ratefor 2019 0.01 % 4 th WORLD’s ENTREPRENEURSHIP SKILLS
schengen area Since 2007 nato Since 2004
6.7 bln € European funds for 2014-2020
TAX BENEFITS 0 % tax on the profits of an investor during the first 10 years (the tax benefits activates after investing over 1 mln EUR) Tax over the next 6 years is 7.5% VAT standart 5-21% Unlimited currency exchange 11 th globally for ease of doing business NO REAL ESTATE TAX NO TAX ON DIVIDENDS FOR FOREIGN SHAREHOLDERS