Autoverslas expands in Klaipėda FEZ


Autoverslas expands in Klaipėda FEZ

The UAB Autoverslas group, which operates in the transport and logistics services sector, has completed a development project in the Klaipėda Free Economic Zone (FEZ), which is comprised of 10,000 square meters of warehouse space, cross-docking infrastructure and over 25,000 square meters of open spaces. The 5 million euro investment project...

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NEO GROUP patents an innovative plastic packaging recycling technology in the EU

The PET resin producer UAB NEO GROUP, operating in Klaipėda FEZ, has initiated European Union patenting procedures for a secondary PET packaging recycling technology it has created internally. The solution developed by the company’s scientists and technologists will allow the use of up to 30% materials from post-consumer recycled...

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Natural fiber is gaining strong positions in the global market

The Natural Fiber hemp fiber processing plant in the Kėdainiai FEZ is now operating for its second season. Having invested more than 8.2 million euro into construction of a modern factory in 2019, the company has been exporting 90% of its production. Although the pandemic this year has slowed the companys growth, a stable increase in sales...

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NEO GROUP to continue investing despite reduced revenues

Based on audited data, the 2019 earnings of UAB NEO GROUP, which manages one of Europe’s largest PET resins factories that is based in the Klaipėda Free Economic Zone, reached EUR 508.7 million or 6% less than a year ago. Despite this result and the uncertainty on the market imposed by the pandemic, NEO GROUP is not changing its prior...

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“Kormotech” has started manufacturing operations

Last week, the family-owned Ukrainian company “Kormotech” has opened a pet food factory in the Kėdainiai Free Economic Zone. About the decision to invest in Kėdainiai FEZ – with Yaroslav Alokhin, PR representative. 

Why did you choose the Kėdainiai FEZ for your investments?

We have chosen to invest in Lithuania, Kėdainiai...

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Kormotech launches pet food plant in Lithuania

Kormotech, a family-owned pet food manufacturer from Ukraine, has completed its new factory in Lithuania. The wet pet food plant in Kėdainiai Free Economic Zone (FEZ) will help the company to increase production capacity and reach customers in other countries more efficiently. The investment exceeds €10 million.

Kormotech aims to be among...

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Significant amendments passed to the Law on Investments relevant to major foreign investors

In June 2020, the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania passed significant amendments to the Law on Investment, which will make Lithuania even more appealing to foreign investors and boost its competitive edge in the region.

Exclusive conditions for major foreign investors:

  • Building permits for plants or factories will be made available...

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Mestilla invests 6M EUR in used cooking oil processing project

Mestilla, a biodiesel manufacturer operating in the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone, plans to start making biofuel out of used cooking oil (UCO) collected in Lithuania, starting by the end of 2021. This is the company’s way to contribute towards a cleaner environment, circular economy, and the reduction of imported fossil fuel dependency. Around...

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Pandemic brought new customers and opportunities for plastics companies

In Lithuania, plastics companies in the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone tally the impact, Sustainable Plastics reports.

Plastics companies operating in the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone (FEZ) have been fortunate. The impact of the COVID-19 outbreak has so far been limited. In fact, they report increasing demand, the opening up of new product...

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Dancer electric buses starting to serve Klaipeda transport routes

The municipality-owned Klaipeda bus company completed the acquisition procedures of two Klaipeda FEZ-made Dancer electric buses, developed by Vejo Projektai. This week, Klaipeda bus company drivers are testing these novel buses, and they will be officially deployed to serve route No. 8 right after the Easter weekend.

“This project will enter...

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Baltijos Eukutecas Is Growing and Eyeing Lithuanian Clients

A subsidiary of Werner Wirth, a German electrical component manufacturer, Baltijos Eukutecas was founded in Klaipeda back in 2013. Last year, the company reached the 100 employee milestone and grew its income by 45%, to 2.11 million EUR. Baltijos Eukutecas mainly manufactures cable harnesses for electric cars, bicycles, and medical equipment....

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German polymer specialist REHAU establishing microduct systems production unit in Klaipeda

REHAU, a family-owned polymer specialist with annual sales of around EUR 3.5 billion, is establishing a cutting edge production facility in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The facility, which will be located in Klaipeda Free Economic Zone (FEZ), will manufacture microduct systems for optical-fibre cables and is set to employ 55 specialists with a...

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A Dutch investor will soon start operating in Kaunas FEZ

The Dutch veterinary drug manufacturer Interchemie werken De Adelaar, located in Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ), will soon start production. Two production lines will be launched with a capacity of 6 tons a day and the products made in Kaunas will be shipped to over a hundred countries worldwide.

Interchemie werken De Adelaar is one of the...

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19-02-2020 Grew By 80%, Plans A Repeat Performance This Year

The Group, operating in Lithuania under the banner, is applying the business model it tested in Lithuania, recording 80% growth in income throughout 2019, from 25 to 45 million EUR. 80% growth in revenue is expected this year as well, reports Verslo zinios. These results are determined by several factors....

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Klaipeda’s Ambitions Target Smart Industry, IT, and Seaport Expansion

For a decade, Klaipeda has been the Sleeping Beauty of the major cities in Lithuania; however, the city can boast the greatest potential and reasonable ambitions when it comes to growth in the research-based industry, IT, and education sectors. This should attract new investors and make the city more attractive for people to move to. Such is the...

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Event ‘Klaipėda for business 2020’

On 28 January, Vilnius welcomed the 'Klaipėda for business 2020' event aimed at the Klaipėda’s business community and organised by Klaipėda ID, the Klaipėda FEZ and the Port of Klaipėda. The developers of the Klaipėda’s business environment and their leaders shared insights into the opportunities available in the city and in the free...

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European-wide success of Lithuanian company RD Signs

Lithuanian company RD Signs, which specialises in lightboxes, channel letters, petrol station design, interior solutions and custom-made products, has been successfully operating in the European Union market with renowned brands such as Renault, Volvo, Ferrari, Maserati, Skoda, McDonald’s, Subway, H&M, G-STAR, Shell and Esso. The company...

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The Klaipeda Seaport Authority Expects 352 Million EUR in Investment in Upcoming 3 Years

The Klaipeda Seaport Authority is planning to upgrade their quays, deepen their water areas, change the ship entry canal, buy new ferry boats for the Smiltynes Perkela passenger service, the Verslo Zinios business daily reports.

The Ministry of Transport and Communications announced that there are plans to invest 352.4 million EUR in...

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Entering 2020 With a Look Back – a Word From CEO of Klaipeda FEZ

Dear colleagues and friends,

2020 has arrived. This number looks a little magical, and it’s also nearly 20 years since I’ve joined the Klaipeda FEZ. While I was certain from day one that our community will reach 1 billion in total turnover one day, I didn’t expect to celebrate this achievement twice: no one anticipated to have the euro...

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Dakar Rally as a Celebration of Teamwork, Trust and Partnership

For the third year in a row, Klaipeda FEZ waves goodbye and wishes good luck to team Agrorodeo Dakar with Vaidotas Zala and Saulius Jurgelenas at the wheel. After 11 years of presence in South America, this year Dakar Rally takes place in Saudi Arabia for the first time.

Vaidotas Zala and Saulius Jurgelenas will be conquering the...

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The Master Plan for the Port of Klaipeda Has Been Approved

The Lithuanian Government has approved the master plan for the Port of Klaipeda. This plan will allow the port to plan its expansion by forming a new dry land territory close to the Smelte peninsula and expand further north if the circumstances demand, reports Verslo zinios.

The space of an outer deepwater port as a strategic object for...

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Innovative construction materials manufacturer is being established in Klaipėda FEZ

A Monaco based company GRH International has established a new company in Klaipėda’s Free Economic Zone.

GRH International has been developing technology to enable the production of sustainable and innovative materials for the construction market. The new company GRH LT is committed to taking this development further and to introducing...

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Estonian BLRT Grupp Investing 20 Million EUR in Klaipeda FEZ

Subsidiaries for the BLRT Grupp, an Estonian ship repair and metalworking group, have signed a contract with the Klaipeda Free Economic Zone (FEZ) concerning investment into commercial, warehousing and manufacturing premises. In the next couple of years, the Estonian group plans to spend around 20 million EUR on projects spanning 7.6 ha of...

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Klaipeda FEZ – The Spine of the Western Lithuanian Economy

Companies operating out of the Klaipeda FEZ have earned 1.2 billion EUR and exported products worth 610 million last year. Even though these statistics are the sum of the effort from all 34 FEZ companies, it still makes the zone the biggest employer in the region, the biggest foreign direct investment magnet of the city and the county, as well...

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Company "Leesys" invests in Panevėžys Free Economic Zone

The electronics manufacturer from Leipzig, Germany, will open a modern technical maintenance, repair, and production unit in Panevėžys Free Economic Zone. Panevėžys FEZ was chosen and considered as the most suitable for the planned development phase.

Director of Panevėžys FEZ, Rokas Krivonis says: “A comprehensive service solution...

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Lithuania rises in World Talent Ranking

Lithuania has gone up by eight notches to 28th position among 63 countries in the IMD World Talent Ranking, reports.

International ratings are increasingly reflecting efforts by Lithuanian state institutions, educational establishments and businesses, Marius Skuodis, a vice minister of economy and innovation, said.


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Visit of Vice-minister Marius Skuodis in Šiauliai FEZ

On November 22, Vice-Minister Marius Skuodis, representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, as well as representatives of “Invest Lithuania” visited the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone. During the visit the distinguished guests were accompanied by Artūras Klangauskas, CEO of Šiauliai FEZ.

The purpose of the meeting was to get...

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AGA has received a permit for construction of an air separation plant

After almost a year of careful preparation, the industrial and specialty gases company AGA has received a permit to build a plant for separating air into nitrogen and oxygen at the Kėdainiai Free Economic Zone. It is planned to complete the construction at the end of 2020. 20 million euro will be invested in the construction project. AGA is a...

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IKAR: succes story in the Kedainiai FEZ

IKAR liquid fertiliser plant boasts the capacity of 10 000 000 litres a year, just to begin with! The company’s managers and staff, who developed their initial fertiliser formulations in Great Britain back in 2013, are rightly proud of the new plant, its chemical and phytotechnology laboratories and a fast-growing global sales network .


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HELLA Lithuania is expanding its activities: it has started manufacturing a new product in Lithuania

HELLA Lithuania has been operating in Lithuania for a year and a half, and is now starting to manufacture turbine air pressure actuators for all petrol cars in the European market. Prior to now, the German capital company has mainly manufactured separate components for lighting systems and vehicle electronics. This will be the first product to...

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Utena 2019. Regional policy: from vision to reality

The forum “Utena 2019. Regional Policy: From Vision to Reality”, with participants including local political leaders as well as representatives of Utena’s business community, was held in Utena on 10 October. The invited speakers presented their observations and recommendations. The forum was organised by the Utena District...

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The latest plants of Hollister Incorporated in Kaunas FEZ

Hollister Incorporated, an independent, employee-owned company that develops, manufactures, and markets healthcare products worldwide, today, announced the official grand opening of its new manufacturing facility in Kaunas, Lithuania, located in the Kaunas FEZ region. The construction of the factory began in 2017.

“We are...

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Exclusive buildings for rent in the Panevėžys FEZ

A 5,000 m² building will be completed in the Panevėžys Free Economic Zone by the end of 2020. The project developer is Gedstos NT, which has already built a factory this year at the FEZ for IMG Lithuania, a subsidiary of IMG Norway. It is planned to invest more than 2.5 million euro in the first stage of construction, and a similar amount is...

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Liquid fertilizer producer IKAR's success story at the Kėdainiai FEZ

The IKAR company, a modern world-class fertilizer producer, having begun operations in Lithuania in 2013, can already take pride in having more than 6,000 regular customers in more than 15 countries. The company has grown rapidly for 5 years, expanding its network of distributors and creating 50 unique fertilizer formulations. IKAR technology...

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New "RD Signs" factory in Siauliai FEZ in september

In September, the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone will see the launch of a new RD Signs factory specialising in visual advertising (lightboxes, channel letters, petrol station design, interior solutions and custom-made products). The premises which take colossal 8,500 m2 of production space are currently undergoing fitting works. The factory plans...

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The cat and dog food producer Kormotech has started the construction of new factory

”Kormotech”, producer of food for cats and dogs in Kėdainiai Free Economic Zone, started factory’s construction work. It is planned to open the factory by the end of this year, the investments are 11 mln Eur. The processes of production, using German and Danish equipment, will be fully automated. Almost 30,000 tons/year of food for cats...

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Lithuania Is 3rd in the World According to Number of Free Economic Zones — After the USA and Poland

According to the number of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) operating in the country, Lithuania is the third in the Western world, after the United States of America and Poland. While SEZs can be found in about 70 percent of developed countries and are mostly customs-free zones to encourage foreign trade, Lithuania, Poland, and other countries...

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Companies located in Kaunas FEZ opt for solar power motivated by ideas of sustainability and economic appeal

Utilization of solar power plants in business objects is becoming an increasingly common practice of Lithuanian companies. Various enterprises operating in Kaunas FEZ decide on renewable energy resources driven by similar motives. It is not only about economic benefits but also, most importantly, about realizing a different attitude towards...

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The FlexStart 2 project has been revealed

After initiating the building of FlexStart, a universal rentable manufacturing space in 2017, finishing building it in 2018 and almost renting it out fully, the Klaipeda FEZ has now made the decision to invest further 4.5 million EUR into the FlexStart project and start building an even bigger successor of the initial manufacturing plant,...

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A Record Year at Klaipeda FEZ: 1.2 billion EUR in Revenue, Record-breaking Purchases, and Paid Taxes

2018 was the best year in the Klaipeda FEZ, the total revenue of the 34 investors established in the zone was 1.239 billion EUR, a 20% increase over 2017. The last year also broke records in exports, purchases in Lithuania, as well as taxes paid.

The companies established at the Klaipeda FEZ are not only growing manufacturers but also big...

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Artūras Klangauskas - "At the beginning of summer we will have important news!"

A hemp straw processing plant under the name of Natūralus pluoštas (Natural Fibre) has just been launched in the Kėdainiai FEZ. Did the set up operations go smoothly? What assistance does the administration of the Kėdainiai FEZ offer during the set up process? Does an emerging company operates completely independently following the...

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CEO R. Krivonis - “We represent Panevėžys FEZ as center of car components, electronics and metal industries”

What news about the Panevėžys FEZ could you announce to the public? What are the major projects for 2019? 

In terms of investors:

There is an increased interest shown by German companies. We have a number of visits scheduled for this year. Hence, the focus this year is on more robust engagement with German industrial companies and business...

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Please meet new LAFEZ president Mr. Rokas Krivonis!

The Director of Panevėžys FEZ, Rokas Krivonis, has recently been appointed the President of the Lithuanian Association of Free Economic Zones.

The head of the LAFEZ, who has been elected for a one-year term, shares the story about goals, new projects and a friendly investment environment in Lithuania.

What goals have you set for yourself...

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Important World FZO and OECD meeting in Paris

On 25-27 March, 2019 an important World FZO and OECD meeting took place in Paris. World FZO is Organization of Free Economic Zones and OECD is Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Our country was represented by Simonas Petrulis, President of the Association of Free Economic Zones of Lithuania. S. Petrulis is not only the...

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High Risk of Job Automation in Lithuania Provides an Academic Opportunity

42% of jobs in Lithuania are at high risk of automation by 2030, a new report by PwC reveals. This is the third biggest number among the OECD countries. However, the report suggests that the job losses from automation are likely to be broadly offset by job gains arising from new technologies like AI and robotics, and so, Eimantas Kiudulas, the...

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Baltic highway in Panevezys Free Economic Zone

It is planned to have Panevėžys Free Economic Zone (FEZ) linked to the key Baltic highway, Via Baltica, in 2019. This will facilitate the development of the production, logistics and warehousing services in the FEZ.

As it stands now, phase 1 (the interconnection of the FEZ area with the Via Baltica highway by way of a roundabout), which...

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HELLA with its rapidly increasing headcount develops required competencies through training

The German company Hella, based in Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ), may already be pleased with its staff headcount reaching 100. The training of its staff receives special focus with new recruits acquiring the experience necessary for the automotive industry in HELLA’s branches across Europe and with key competencies funded from the EU funds...

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Spektrus EU, a company which manufactures fascia signs, is planning to invest EUR 1 million

Spektrus EU, a company which manufactures fascia signs, is planning to invest EUR 1 million in development this year. Encouraged by new orders coming from the CIS and the Scandinavian markets, the company management have arrangements for a significant increase in production areas.

As it stands now, the advertising market is very dynamic and...

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Kaunas Free Economic Zone launches an innovative service: forklift sharing point

At the beginning of March, innovative forklift-sharing service will be launched in the territory of Kaunas Free Economic Zone. Alwark company, which has been providing loading and warehousing services as well as sales and rent of equipment in the Baltic countries has decided to establish a forklift sharing point where companies operating in...

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Free Economic Zones Are Providing a Strong Impetus to Regional Economies

The problem of the gap between cities and regions of Lithuania is not new. Politicians include the regions’ revival plans into their electoral campaign programmes, listen to people’s concerns and finally recognise that there is no panacea for the resolution of the issues.

Success stories, however, are not rare in those regions where...

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Lavango Group to double its presence at Klaipeda FEZ

Leading global food industry technology manufacturer Lavango Group has announced that it is expanding its presence at Klaipeda FEZ. The company, which produces equipment for the food industry, has acquired an additional 0,32 ha of land in Klaipeda FEZ territory to build their new facilities, which will allow them to increase their present...

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Advantages of Free Economic zones

Two highly important events took place this autumn. A renovated section of Via Baltica route – the Kaunas-Marijampolė section – was opened this week. Earlier, at the end of October, Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis visited the Sūduva region on another significant occasion: the opening of a window factory operated by Dovista, a Danish...

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Akmene FEZ operator was finally elected

Western Forest Group (VMG) won the international competition of the Akmene FEZ operator. VMG had competition with Alina's Adomaityte's Business Consulting Company "IG Group".

Deputy Director of the Administration of Akmenė Municipality Algirdas Bučys confirmed that the Competition Commision finished the work, the winner was elected.


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Successful activities of Siauliai FEZ

This year there is a jolt in Šiauliai Free Economic Zone - the Lithuanian capital company “Reklamos diktatorius” plans to invest 3 million euros. It is decided to install the most advanced metal welding, cutting and folding machines. “Reklamos diktatorius” will create about 30 new work places. The second company, which intends to...

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Forum "Sūduvos kryptis - M4.0"

On November 15th, "Sūduvos kryptis - M4.0, one of the most important regional forums was organized in Marijampolė.

The event was moderated by Kaunas Chamber of Commerce and Industry Marijampole Branch and IQ. During the forum, reports were represented by the speakers - Chairman of the Bank of Lithuania Vitas Vasiliauskas, Deputy Head of the...

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AGA invests 20 mln Eur in Kedainiai FEZ

AGA, an industrial and medical gas company, invests 20 mln. Eur to the gas factory in Kedainiai Free Economic Zone. The air separation plant, which starts operating in the Baltic market in 2020, will supply oxygen and nitrogen.

The Linde Group's AGA is the leader of industrial gas in Northern Europe. The investment of 20 mln. Eur in Kėdainiai...

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