AGA invests 20 mln Eur in Kedainiai FEZ

AGA, an industrial and medical gas company, invests 20 mln. Eur to the gas factory in Kedainiai Free Economic Zone. The air separation plant, which starts operating in the Baltic market in 2020, will supply oxygen and nitrogen.

The Linde Group’s AGA is the leader of industrial gas in Northern Europe. The investment of 20 mln. Eur in Kėdainiai plant is a strategic step for the company to actively expand its activities not only in Lithuania, but also across the Baltic region. According to company executives, the decision was influenced by growing consumers’ demand.

It is already the second AGA air separation plant in the Baltic States. “Linde Engineering” will build the factory of the highest safety level standarts.  The advantage of that factory is short transportation time and responsibility for the clean environment.

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