An important meeting with Jovita Neliupšienė, Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation

On 14 January, Jovita Neliupšienė, Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation, met with representatives of the Lithuanian Association of Free Economic Zones and Invest Lithuania. Participants spoke about ways to improve the business environment in Lithuania and accelerate the attraction of foreign investment to Lithuania.

Giedrius Valuckas emphasised that in Europe as well as in the world, Lithuania is one of the most attractive countries in which to start and develop a business, and it could occupy an even higher position in the Ease of Doing Business index. The Association’s president spoke of Lithuania’s favourable geographic position for creating and expanding efficient supply chains and attracting significant foreign investment. Valuckas shared insights into how Lithuania must actively prepare for the so-called post-pandemic period, when investor interest in Lithuania should increase even more. In this situation, cooperation among institutions has an especially important role to play, including the Ministry of the Economy and Innovation, Invest Lithuania and the management teams of the Free Economic Zones. Participants in the meeting discussed guidelines for improving the attractiveness of the business environment and for accelerating certain processes, which would help Lithuania gain a significant competitive advantage against other free economic zones operating in the European Union. Lithuania’s free economic zones attract new investment, create jobs and establish centres of competence; these factors have a positive influence on faster regional growth and general economic development.

We wish all of you successful joint projects!

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