AQ Wiring Systems is constructing a new plant at the Panevėžys Free Economic Zone

Automotive cable harness manufacturer AQ Wiring Systems is constructing a 17,070-square-metre building at the Panevėžys Free Economic Zone (FEZ), with a maximum staff capacity of 1,300. At present, the company has 656 employees.

The company is part of the international AQ Group (Sweden). The company has been operating at a rented facility in Panevėžys since 2001.

AQ Wiring Systems provides solutions in the engineering, design, manufacture and export of automotive cable harnesses and electromechanical modules. The company produces wiring and cable harnesses, power cables, automotive high-voltage cables, electromechanical modules and other products which include wires, cables and similar components.

At present, the company rents its production facility in Panevėžys at a cost of more than 67,000 euro per month. The rental agreement will end in 2022.

The companys products are used in buses, trucks, tractors and other heavy equipment. The companys largest customers include Volvo, Scania and Renault.

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