Artūras Klangauskas – “At the beginning of summer we will have important news!”

A hemp straw processing plant under the name of Natūralus pluoštas (Natural Fibre) has just been launched in the Kėdainiai FEZ. Did the set up operations go smoothly? What assistance does the administration of the Kėdainiai FEZ offer during the set up process? Does an emerging company operates completely independently following the attraction of new investors and the legal, administrative and other formalities being dealt with or is it still in close cooperation with the management of the FEZ?

Indeed, the set up process went smoothly. In many cases, the set up process depends on the project managers selected by/available to the companies, i.e. to what extent they can multitask and arrange the processes in such a way that the construction works do not disrupt the installation of manufacturing equipment. The building permit had been obtained by the company Natūralus pluoštas back in April 2018 and a fully equipped building emerged as early as in autumn. The project implementation period was particularly short. But the parties involved in this project managed to implement it in a flexible manner working as a single team and within a remarkably short period of time.

The administration of the Kėdainiai FEZ acts a partner in the project implementation stage. In case of any issues regarding the connection to the infrastructure, document formalisation or certain authorisations, etc., we would endeavour to resolve them in the most expeditious manner possible so as not to disrupt the progress of the project. Once the companies are launched, they operate independently. We put efforts to engage in cooperation to the extent necessary to deal with the actual issues related to the project lifetime in the FEZ that they face. In certain cases, we advertise the companies and their businesses present in our territory of our own accord in quest of potential investments and synergies between the parties.

Are there currently any ongoing serious negotiations with new investors in the Kėdainiai or Šiauliai FEZ? On what areas do you primarily focus (manufacturing, services, IT, or …..)?

In smaller towns, the majority of the investment relates to manufacturing. As far as the sites that we manage are concerned, the interest in potential investment opportunities comes precisely from this sector. Furthermore, perhaps I would distinguish logistics as being one of the sectors, which, going forward, could launched in the FEZ that we manage. The Services and IT are more focused on the major cities. We do have ongoing negotiations with potentials investors, but, as experience has shown, they often take as long as up to 2 years.

Would you have important facts taking place in the Kėdainiai or Šiauliai FEZ that you would like and would be able to share with the general public? 

We continue to develop the required infrastructure inside the Šiauliai FEZ in partnership with the city municipality thanks to the EU assistance. As we speak, we have ongoing contract works in connection with the road junction between the FEZ and the A9 road. The works are fast approaching their end. In fact, we are planning to have the road leading to the FEZ opened as early as this summer. This will boost the appeal of the Šiauliai FEZ and improve its accessibility. In collaboration with the municipality, we are planning to make arrangements for public transport and build bus stops, pavements and CCTV.

We are very pleased with the fact that the first company to launch its investments is moving towards the end of the project implementation, the second one has already started its building works, and we will be able to make an announcement about the third one at the start of summer.

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