Companies located in Kaunas FEZ opt for solar power motivated by ideas of sustainability and economic appeal

Utilization of solar power plants in business objects is becoming an increasingly common practice of Lithuanian companies. Various enterprises operating in Kaunas FEZ decide on renewable energy resources driven by similar motives. It is not only about economic benefits but also, most importantly, about realizing a different attitude towards responsible, sustainable business, environment and world.

A solution to reduce air pollution is a gift for future generations

At the end of 2018, a solar power plant was set up on the roof of the Skubios siuntos warehouses. It is estimated that to this day, 368-module power plant of total 100kWp has already produced about 30 thousand kilowatt-hours of energy.

The power plant was installed by the company offering such solutions – Lietuvos energijos tiekimas – having evaluated the company’s electricity consumption profile, the available flat roof area and the possibilities of connecting to the electricity grid. The chosen solution fully utilizes the useful roof area, and the company itself consumes all the energy produced.

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Picture: Skubios siuntos, UAB

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