HELLA with its rapidly increasing headcount develops required competencies through training

The German company Hella, based in Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ), may already be pleased with its staff headcount reaching 100. The training of its staff receives special focus with new recruits acquiring the experience necessary for the automotive industry in HELLA’s branches across Europe and with key competencies funded from the EU funds under the measure “Training of foreign investors’ employees”.

The company reached a three-digit number of staff within 17 months recruiting 5-6 employees on average every month. The majority of them include professionals qualified in engineering and working at the logistics, quality, equipment installation and maintenance as well as production departments.

“At present, we are quite robustly searching for staff with experience in the engineering/technological area. Given the rapid expansion of the company and the new manufacturing projects undertaken, process engineers and equipment installation and testing professionals have become crucial”, says the HR Manager at Hella Lithuania, Jurgita Macijauskienė.

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