Important World FZO and OECD meeting in Paris

On 25-27 March, 2019 an important World FZO and OECD meeting took place in Paris. World FZO is Organization of Free Economic Zones and OECD is Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Our country was represented by Simonas Petrulis, President of the Association of Free Economic Zones of Lithuania. S. Petrulis is not only the president of Lithuanian FEZ, but also the leader of one of the fastest growing and attracting significant investments in Marijampolė region.

During the meeting representatives of the World Free Economic Zones expressed their expectations and insights for the OECD leadership on further close co-operation in the areas of legal, administrative and customs regulation.

Mr. Petrulis was honored to represent our country, to share his successful experience in attracting large investments (in recent years, the number of investments in Marijampolė FEZ amounted to EUR 100 million) and to present Lithuania as an extremely attractive country for global business.

During the conference, participants analysed the possibilities of the transparency of free economic zones, close cooperation and social responsibility.

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