Lavango Group to double its presence at Klaipeda FEZ

Leading global food industry technology manufacturer Lavango Group has announced that it is expanding its presence at Klaipeda FEZ. The company, which produces equipment for the food industry, has acquired an additional 0,32 ha of land in Klaipeda FEZ territory to build their new facilities, which will allow them to increase their present production capacity. This is the second phase of the company’s expansion, the first of which was completed in 2017 when it transferred all its operations to its present 0,38 ha facilities at Klaipeda FEZ. Lavango Group is set to invest 0,8 m Eur in the new building, and along with the purchasing of new equipment for the facility, the company projects that around 15 new FTE’s will be created.

This new expansion has been precipitated by rising demand in the European market for its products – equipment used in the food industry for raw material processing, packaging and transportation.

“The expansion of our plant is a result of the rising revenue and export of the company. Our current goal is strengthening our positions in Scandinavian markets, namely, in manufacturing equipment for fish-processing vessels and food processing plants,” says Vygandas Srebalius, CEO at Lavango Group.


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