New “RD Signs” factory in Siauliai FEZ in september

In September, the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone will see the launch of a new RD Signs factory specialising in visual advertising (lightboxes, channel letters, petrol station design, interior solutions and custom-made products). The premises which take colossal 8,500 m2 of production space are currently undergoing fitting works. The factory plans to create more than 30 new jobs by 2020. When the operations are launched in the factory with its state-of-the-art art technology, RD Signs will make yet another step further in terms of being able to compete in foreign markets.

RD Signs specialises exclusively in the area visual advertising production. Since 2010, the company has been consistently investing in modern equipment, IT technology and staff training. The company has developed a unique order management system, which allows handling numerous projects simultaneously.

At present, RD Signs completes between 100 and 200 different technological projects a week and up to 1,000 projects a month. Thanks to its skilled staff and the IT system, orders are fulfilled within a very short period of time while maintaining the top quality standards. “Speedy order fulfilment and high quality of the works have helped us grow and compete for numerous years and, at times, even take the lead in the highly competitive European market. Currently, our products are enjoyed by many well-known global brands from across the automotive sector to clothing, restaurant and major European food and building supply chains,” underlines the head of RD Signs, Audrius Butkevičius.

RD Signs takes the pride in its innovative CNC centres Mecapro; the company presently owns even four of them! These are the CNC milling centres, which help maximise the speed for the processing of sheet materials, aluminium and PMMA organic glass sheets. According to Mr Butkevičius, RD Signs is, perhaps, the only advertising billboard manufacturer in Europe with one of the most modern lines for the preparation for powder coating and the coating of aluminium products. All products are powder coated using the QUALICOAT technology.

In addition to the modern CNC milling centres, the production processes of the powder coating line use the CNC wire bending and the CNC brake press machines and modern printing devices.

At the time, the exports to foreign countries account for around 97-98% of exports with about 90% exported directly and around 7-8%, in cooperation with other Lithuanian companies. Approximately 2-3% of the production stays in Lithuania.

The TOP 10 export countries of the RD Signs company are ever-changing. As it stands now, the most of its production is exported to Sweden, Denmark and Norway with a significant proportion going to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria.

When asked what led to the rapid development of RD Signs, Mr Butkevičius responds with a listing of key factors: “The successful development, I reckon, is a result of a number of factors: consistent investments in staff, modern equipment and IT systems. A great team, excellent customer service, the quality of our production and speed are no less important components of the business.” It is anticipated that the company’s production capacity will increase significantly. Thus the company will be able to compete successfully in the international market.

The head of the company Mr Butkevičius is pleased saying “The greatest achievement this year is our plan to have a new factory built, which took three years to develop”. The plan is to launch the new factory in the Šiauliai FEZ in September. When the old 2,500 m2 plant and the new 6,000 m2 factory are combined, the company will enjoy 8,500 m2 of production space. “A shortage of the production space has been precluding us from competing in the major European tenders (public procurement) for quite some time. We expect that the new factory and our new production fields will help us boost sales and increase the number of skilled staff,” tells Mr Butkevičius, the head of the company, sharing the ambitious plans of the company.

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