A Dutch investor will soon start operating in Kaunas FEZ

The Dutch veterinary drug manufacturer Interchemie werken De Adelaar, located in Kaunas Free Economic Zone (FEZ), will soon start production. Two production lines will be launched with a capacity of 6 tons a day and the products made in Kaunas will be shipped to over a hundred countries worldwide.

Interchemie werken De Adelaar is one of the largest manufacturers of generic veterinary drugs in the world. Their production is available in 123 countries worldwide, with sales primarily carried out in Asian, African, South American, Arabic, and Russian regions. Markets in Europe have been intensively developed in recent years and preparations for a move to the United States have been made.

Currently, Interchemie is manufacturing generic veterinary drugs. The assortment includes water-soluble powders, oral and intramammary suspensions, injection solutions, feed additives, and other veterinary preparations.

When asked what prompted the construction of new factories in Estonia and Lithuania, Stef van Gils, CEO of Interchemie werken De Adelaar, said the need was dictated by the company’s double-digit growth every year, “This means that we are also increasing our production capacity with a reserve that will meet the needs of this development. Another equally important reason that led us to set up a factory in Kaunas, was the desire to grow not only our existing products but also to expand our product portfolio.”

In total, the company has five factories. Two are based in the Netherlands and other two in Estonia, employing around 190 people. The fifth plant, located in Kaunas FEZ, will start production in February. The 1,500 square meter premises are equipped with two production lines of soluble and orally-ingested products, capable of producing up to 6 tons per day. In terms of both technology and equipment, the Kaunas factory is identical to the company’s factories in the Netherlands. Currently, the Kaunas branch employs 20 people, more than half of whom are registration specialists. Before obtaining authorization to sell a particular medical or veterinary product, the business must first be registered in a particular country. Kaunas-based specialists are taking care of international product registrations that are prepared in English, Russian, Spanish and French.

According to S. van Gils, the decision to invest in Kaunas FEZ was influenced by contacts with Interchemie production representatives that later developed into a personal friendship, “It is safe to say that we came to Lithuania because of warm personal relations we have with the long-term representatives of our products in Lithuania. We had people here that we could trust and that made the investment much simpler and more attractive.”

The second equally important reason for coming to Lithuania and Kaunas FEZ was all the qualified employees available on the market. Dutch investors say that the situation in the Kaunas labor market is particularly attractive because it is possible to find people with the right qualifications quickly and smoothly. The employees can gain the experience they lack by raising their qualifications in the Netherlands or learning from colleagues that come to Kaunas from other branches of the company.

Interchemie werken De Adelaar is one of two biotechnology companies operating in Kaunas FEZ territory. The other one is a Lithuanian company Aconitum with 90 employees and investments amounting to 7 million Euro.

In total, 34 investors are settled in Kaunas FEZ. Foreign capital amounts to 70 percent of investments.

Source: Kaunas Free Economic Zone

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