Please meet new LAFEZ president Mr. Rokas Krivonis!

The Director of Panevėžys FEZ, Rokas Krivonis, has recently been appointed the President of the Lithuanian Association of Free Economic Zones.

The head of the LAFEZ, who has been elected for a one-year term, shares the story about goals, new projects and a friendly investment environment in Lithuania.

What goals have you set for yourself now that you have become the new President of the Lithuanian Association of Free Economic Zones? 

The objective is to maintain a high-quality dialogue with our long-standing partners when addressing the relevant FEZ regulatory issues and to be actively involved in the creation of a positive investment environment in Lithuania and in the legislative improvements.

What areas, in your view, will the FEZ managers focus on in 2019 to attract new investors: IT, engineering, manufacturing or other? 
The coming years should see the opportunities for investments from the automotive industry seized. Following the investments made by a number of major companies in Lithuania, we have seen increased interest from other companies involved in this industry. Our focus is on the manufacturing companies creating higher value-added, which would not only be limited to manufacturing, but could also develop their products in Lithuania.

Generally speaking, one should remember to keep an eye on the ongoing Industrial Revolution 4.0, which will create new opportunities both for the businesses and for Lithuania competing in the investment area.

Has Lithuania, indeed, created a friendly tax and legal framework to attract new strategic investors? If not, what specifically could be improved? 

We have recently had positive changes in Lithuania related to employment regulatory framework; certain connection deadlines in the building process have become shorter to implement; yet the Laws on Territorial Planning and on the Environmental Protection still require improvements in terms of simplification and reduction of the length of the existing procedures. Businesses see the migration policy as yet another important area, which should gain more focus and would benefit from clarity as we decide where we are heading to.

What resources of the Panevėžys FEZ must be highlighted to investors as competitive advantages?

In addition to the completed infrastructure and land plots for investors, the existing buildings could also be offered for quick launch when the construction works are completed in the Panevėžys FEZ. The benefit is the possibility for one to settle quickly, start building the team and, once the buildings are completed, relocate. Also, there is a possibility to offer a full construction management and real estate development service.

The fact that the manager of the Panevėžys FEZ has invested over EUR 100 million in the real estate projects in Panevėžys itself and has a strong development team in the city makes an impression on the investors.

Are there any negotiations taking place between the Panevėžys FEZ and potential Lithuanian or foreign investors? 

We have serious negotiations underway with a foreign company. We expect that we will be able to share a positive outcome thereof in the near future.

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