Successful activities of Siauliai FEZ

This year there is a jolt in Šiauliai Free Economic Zone – the Lithuanian capital company “Reklamos diktatorius” plans to invest 3 million euros. It is decided to install the most advanced metal welding, cutting and folding machines. “Reklamos diktatorius” will create about 30 new work places. The second company, which intends to invest over 2 mln. EUR is “Medicinos linija”. It is a company which produces dental materials and successfully exports them to foreign countries.

The biggest investment in Šiauliai Free Economic Zone will be provided by “Intus Windows”. This is a U.S. company producing windows. It is planned to create 50,000 sq. m. manufacturing workshop. The company “Intus windows” plans to create several hundred new work places in Šiauliai FEZ.

At present, in cooperation between Šiauliai Free Economic Zone, Šiauliai Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts, Šiauliai Industrial Association, Šiauliai University and Šiauliai State College, Šiauliai Economic Development Strategy is being developed. The aim is to create the Šiauliai Strategy and attract more important investors as well as create new work places. Šiauliai is famous as a production city and it is very important to maintain the training of good specialists. Academic institutions, in close cooperation with business enterprises, seek to develop such study programs, which graduates would be able to work successfully  in modern companies of Šiauliai. The investors would like to be sure that they will find all the employees they need. It is one of important factors before they decide to invest in our country.

At present, there is a problem of graduates in engineering specialties in Šiauliai. Young people considering about their future profession are invited to think exactly about the engineering specialties.

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