The cat and dog food producer Kormotech has started the construction of new factory

”Kormotech”, producer of food for cats and dogs in Kėdainiai Free Economic Zone, started factory’s construction work. It is planned to open the factory by the end of this year, the investments are 11 mln Eur. The processes of production, using German and Danish equipment, will be fully automated. Almost 30,000 tons/year of food for cats and dogs are planned to be produced. The entire infrastructure of “Kormotech” in Kedainiai FEZ is built on 2 hectares.

The Ukrainian company “Kormotech” is a leader of dog and cat food production in their country. Currently, the company exports its products to European countries, but after the installation of the factory in Kedainiai FEZ, it is planned to move rapidly to global markets.

“Kormotech” is socially responsible company that promotes positive and humane approach to animals, both for children and adults. The company actively participates in the professional and scientific activities of the veterinarians of the country.

“Kormotech’s” products are perfectly rated in different countries and offer the highest quality products in markets with strict requirements. Kormotech owns such brands as Meow!, Gav!, Optimeal and CLUB4PAWS. The company also produces dog and cat food for other companies.

The administration of “Kormotech” has already started searching for employees for the factory after it’s construction. Various professions are required – from drivers till financiers. Employees will have excellent work conditions, attractive salaries and even free meals. The residents of Kedainiai region are invited to participate in interviews for new work places.

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