DPD Lietuva invests in the Šiauliai FEZ and Telšiai

The DPD Lithuania company, which is owned by one of the largest parcel delivery networks in Europe, is set to expand its parcel distribution capacity in Lithuania. New DPD parcel distribution hubs are about to be built in the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone (FEZ) and in Telšiai adjacent to the police headquarters. The construction of the said hubs alone is set to attract investment of over EUR 4 million. They will launch in autumn 2022.

Giedrius Valuckas, the Chairman of the Board at the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone, considers DPD’s entry to be a strategic move in the process of becoming not only a significant regional industrial centre, but a logistics hub too.

“DPD will launch in the Šiauliai Free Economic Zone thanks to the cooperation among three parties: the investor, the developer and us. It is certainly very encouraging that such projects are coming to regions. We see the Šiauliai FEZ not only as an industrial, but also as a logistics hub, which integrates Šiauliai Airport and helps develop railway and road links. Therefore, DPD’s entry will result in increased synergy and serve as a basis for broadening the identity of the rapidly growing economic zone. Investment surge and the jobs to be created are critical for the growth of the region,” says Mr Valuckas.

DPD has leased a plot sized 2.8 ha in area for the construction and development of its parcel distribution infrastructure in the Šiauliai FEZ. At present, the economic zone has 20 % of its area available for investment occupied.

With the relocation of terminals to new premises in 2022, the total area of the company’s terminals will almost double, while the total number of areas designated for van and lorry loading will rise by more than 4.5 times. DPD Lithuania promises to be searching for additional labour force and is planning to create new jobs in Šiauliai and Telšiai, too.

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