Elinta Motors, which develops systems for electric cars, is moving towards mass production

UAB Elinta Motors, which develops sustainable transport solutions – traction systems and modular batteries for commercial transport – has announced that it will move to new spacious premises. The company has acquired a 3,500 m2 production building with administrative premises at Kaunas Free Economic Zone, on Terminalo St. 5. According to Laurynas Jokužis, the director of the company, the new premises will enable the company to start serial production of electric vehicle power systems. It is expected to produce up to 2,000 units per year.

The creators of innovative and new technologies at Elinta have been working for more than three decades in this field, growing and improving in various areas of business. It is no coincidence that when asked about the company’s main focus and goals of the recent years, the representatives of Elinta Motors first mention the assurance of sustainable growth because the company grows three times a year. Thus, the acquisition of new production buildings was a direct and inevitable decision, which is necessary not only to meet the increased customer needs and submit the signed orders on time, but also to increase the production speed. Elinta corporate group received a loan of 3.72 million to purchase a production building and finance working capital.

Entrepreneurs estimate that the 3,500 m2 premises will be fully utilized immediately after setting things up and, as the head of the company L. Jokužis cautiously notes, if the changing geopolitical situation and unpredictable logistical disturbances will not interfere with the process, the future expansion of Elinta Motors will require more space.

One of the largest and most important Lithuanian customers developing the electric powertrain is electric minibuses manufacturer Altas Auto. Elinta Motors has been working with Altas Auto on the development of electric buses since 2015. Altas Auto plans to produce about 540 minibuses this year alone. 100-110 of them will be electric and will contain Elinta Motors’ systems. “The demand for electric buses is increasing, and the percentage of their sales in the common market is growing,” L. Jokužis notes. “Currently, Altas Auto – with the systems developed by us – is the leader in the minibus (up to 7,5 tons) market of the European Union. This is a great evaluation of our partnership and the result of the work of recent years. According to various experts our product is considered the best on the market, and it is not just an opinion, those who evaluate us, often become our clients.”

However, the strategy of Kaunas company is to have as many reliable partners/customers as possible in different countries. According to Elinta Motors’ calculations, its systems are already used in more than ten European countries.

“In order to begin the mass production of electrical systems or their components, we need to ensure product sales in Europe and beyond. We are currently working with the same systems with all the customers, the only difference is the needs of the partners for the specific set and its installation. Some customers work with wheelbases made by Iveco, others with Mercedes Sprinter, MAN or WV,” says one of Elinta Motors shareholders Arūnas Strumskis.

When asked to what extent European green exchange policy and nationally announced pollution reduction plans and plans to increase the number of electric public transport vehicles have contributed to the projected growth and development plans, Elinta Motors’ representatives say that there is a strong market shift towards electric buses and commercial vehicles. In addition, it undoubtedly shapes the future strategies of the state and business enterprises and is reflected in the plans for the near future that contain the acquisition of greener transport. There is no doubt that such trends will increase the visibility of Elinta’s products as well.

Kaunas-based company considers the fact that they create complete systems as their biggest advantage

“Many modern manufacturers are following an easier but less reliable path. They are trying to assemble systems from different manufacturers and refer to this activity as ‘production’. Although, in reality they are not producers but assemblers that will hardly remain in the market for long and will not be able to provide long-term guarantees,” A. Strumskis notes.

The technology at Elinta Motors is currently developed by sixteen R&D professionals. And if necessary, the workforce is supplemented by both additional employees and the experience of foreign companies. The team is made up of local, mostly young professionals with electronics education.

Source: https://ftz.lt/en/media/news/elinta-motors-which-develops-systems-for-electric-cars-is-moving-towards-mass-production/

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