Orion Global PET expands its solar power plant in Klaipėda FEZ

UAB Orion Global PET, the Thai group Indorama Ventures’s PET manufacturer operating in Klaipėda FEZ, has installed and launched one of Lithuania’s first solar generator fences to generate 56 kW of power. The company already prepares for its extension. The solution was implemented in cooperation with the solar energy tech company Eternia Solar LT.

The new Orion Global PET plant will produce around 55.82 MWh of green electricity a year, thus further reducing the company’s environmental footprint.

The solar fence is comprised of 156 solar panels, which do not require special maintenance and have been installed on some of the security fence surrounding the company’s territory. The new solution supplements the 300 kW solar power station installed on Orion Global Pet’s roof back in 2019. The company’s solar power plants in Klaipėda will generate around a combined 390 MWh of green electricity a year.

The company has fully tested the new power plant under real conditions. As a result, the solution is fully proven, so Orion Global PET has already launched an extension project for the solar fence, which will be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

Orion Global PET CEO Jitendra Kumar Malik says that this investment is a continued part of the Indorama Ventures group’s sustainability strategy.

“Last year, our group committed to increasing its use of renewable energy by 10% by the year 2025 through both installing power plants on roofs and on the ground and through purchasing green energy. We take pride in our Klaipėda section contributing to this goal not only in numbers but also through an innovative solution, which will offer our group experience,” J. K. Malik says.

Indorama Ventures looks to increase its use of renewable energy by 25% by the year 2030 and, through the use of more effective processes and equipment, reduce energy consumption intensity by 5% by the year 2025.

According to the head of Eternia Solar LT Andrius Džiaugys, such solar fences are popular abroad, while Lithuanian companies are only beginning to discover them now.

“Such power systems are never standard for either clients or suppliers. Therefore, when designing them, it is necessary to evaluate the surrounding environment carefully, the solution must be safe, easily maintained, generating the maximum amount of energy possible, and, of course, able to perform the traditional functions of a security fence,” A. Džiaugys says.

According to Eimantas Kiudulas, the head of Klaipėda FEZ, Orion Global PET’s example showcases that nearly all companies have room for innovation and sustainable solutions.

“Such photovoltaic fences remain a novelty in Lithuania, and so, it is excellent that our business community member will serve as a practical example and will be able to share its experience with other interested businesses. Furthermore, as we encourage business innovation and sustainable solutions, we are also always supportive of and assist the investor community in implementing such initiatives,” E. Kiudulas says.

Other Klaipėda FEZ business community members include UAB NEO GROUP, UAB Retal Baltic Films, UAB Glassbel Baltic, UAB Vingės Logistika and other companies have solar power plants on their buildings.

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