UAB Esco Medical Technologies invests in the Kaunas FEZ

UAB Esco Medical Technologies, a manufacturer of equipment for fertility clinics and laboratories, is investing about 16 million euro at the Kaunas Free Economic Zone (Kaunas LEZ), where it will build a production facility. The facility is planned to house production and administrative functions in a 7,700-sq.-m. building. Construction is planned to start in the first half of this year. The company produces laminar flow benches (workstations) and fume hoods for laboratories, and incubators for fertility clinics. The company purchases from Lithuanian and Chinese suppliers the components needed to manufacture the equipment. After completing the expansion at the Kaunas LEZ, the company will annually produce about 120 laminar flow benches (workstations) as well as 200–300 incubators.

UAB Esco Medical Technologies has been operating in Kaunas for 10 years, and at present has 75 employees. After the new facility is built, it is planned to hire an additional 10 employees.

Aside from the production and office space, the UAB Esco Medical Technologies facility will also include exhibition space, an exercise area and wellness rooms.

The main shareholder of UAB Esco Medical Technologies is the Singapore-based Esco Technologies, a part of the life science company Esco. Esco creates medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

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