Vilmers UAB, a private company, invests over EUR 20 million in the Šiauliai FEZ. The company is part of a group Neaustinių medžiagų fabrikas established by entrepreneur Stanislovas Grušas. Earthworks have already been started for a factory 42,000 sq. m in area. It is estimated that 300 new jobs will be created on completion of construction and installation of process lines. The Ministry of Economics and Innovation has granted the future company the status of a major investment project.

Investments in the new factory’s automated warehouses, robots and logistic solutions will be made. At present Vilmers UAB employs almost 500 people. When construction of the new factory in Šiauliai FEZ is completed, the number will be increased to as many as 800.

Vilmers UAB has faced the challenge of raw materials deficiency just like many other production enterprises. The prices for raw materials have spiked, as a result of which the company had to increase prices for its finished products, however, it continues operating profitably and receives many orders. In 2020, the company’s profit increased 37%; a significant growth in sales is observed this year.

The majority of Vilmers’ upholstered furniture is exported to France, Norway and Finland. It is reported that the company is increasing its product prices in order to manage exponential growth. At present, 139 furniture models are produced at the factory. A model is comprised of as many as 7 components that can be arranged according to the customer‘s wishes. In this way a basic upholstered item is developed into a number of options that can be treated as almost unique designs.

An important novelty is that the company will seek the status of an educational institution having the right to train furniture upholsterers under a special training programme. There is a great shortage of specialists in this profession in the market. The company intends to discuss this with relevant authorities in the nearest future. It is expected that on completion of training people will remain in the company – in this way, shortage of specialist workers will be avoided.

This year, two new investors came to Šiauliai FEZ: Bar Cargolift, a German manufacturer of tail lifts, and a Vilmers UAB, a company with Lithuanian capital invested that produces upholstered furniture. Good luck in attracting new investors!


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